The environment where the business operates is ever-changing. It is also vulnerable to various risks. Not all the risks can be predicted, and so resilience is the only key for a business to survive in the long run.  

Businesses achieve resilience through digital transformation. Putting it simply, the first step to business resilience is admitting that digital transformation is the answer to the toughest challenges faced by businesses operating in an environment of uncertainties. 

Here is a beautiful thought explaining digital transformation for businesses in one sentence.  

The biggest part of digital transformation is changing the way we think. – Simeon Preston

So, the next step is to understand how to use digital transformation to make business resilient; continue reading to find out! 

  1. Brand Management
    At first glance, connecting branding to digital transformation would appear a bit strange. But, after going into the intricacies, we can understand that business resilience depends a lot on brand value. And, to create a great brand image, you need to manage your brand with the use of digital transformation techniques.  The activity of brand management starts with building an excellent website that can attract users, engage them, and convert them into customers. Various digital marketing techniques can help you engage with the target audience through multiple digital platforms, including social media and third-party websites.  Last but not least, digital transformation assists you in maintaining the brand reputation by supporting your customers and engaging with them through all possible channels such as messengers, email lists, social media, etc.
  2. Automation
    Automation is the most crucial factor in business resilience. Automation has reduced human intervention in so many processes, making them efficient and productive.  The automated processes can continue tirelessly, unlike the human-dependent ones. Also, there is no possibility of human bias in automatic processes. These are relatively error-free and faster. Moreover, automation can even be used in processes that are risky for humans to engage in.  What are the prominent business processes that must leverage automation? You can automate almost all business processes starting from the basics such as data collection, business communication, to the more complex ones like procurement, customer support, time tracking, supply, and even decision making!  Identify the areas relevant to you and implement digital transformation in stages. You can objectively evaluate the order of your priorities.   
  3. Flexibility & Scalability
    Digital transformation makes processes better. Process optimization involves extensive use of technology for improving process speed and reducing process time. Streamlining complex processes makes them less vulnerable to risks, damages, and delays. Flexible processes can accommodate uncertainties so that productivity is unaffected even in adversities. Digitally transformed processes are easily scalable as each part of the process adapts to circumstantial scaling in no time without affecting the coordination between the previous and next stages. 
  4. Customer Centricity Every business revolves around its customers. They are the ones who will decide the success or failure of your business. So, most smart businesses aspire to be customer-centric. But, being customer-centric is not easy. Right from thinking from the perspective of the customers, to going that extra mile for the customer, everything requires effort, time, and intelligence, apart from intentions.  Digital transformation helps businesses revamp their systems and processes to make them naturally customer-centric. So, the system is designed to make it responsive to customer needs.  With better access to customer data, customer profiling is easier. There is a standard common source for all the customer information which can be used by business across levels and departments.  So, everyone in a customer-centric business understands the customer needs and preferences equally well. They can thus synchronize the efforts across the organization to offer personalized services to the customer.  Also, no matter what channel the customer approaches from, he is always directed to the right front with the use of technology-driven smart processes. 

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